Physical Education

With the gymnasium and change facilities at our school, all students in grades one to eight are to wear appropriate gym clothes. Showers after gym classes are encouraged in grades four to eight. Proper gym wear is desirable for the following reasons:

  • Restrictive, tight clothing does not permit freedom of movement needed in certain activities
  • Light clothing permits the body to be "ventilated" during exercise
  • Suitable dress has a good psychological effect on children's performances - if they look ready for physical activity, they feel ready to take part with greater effort and personal satisfaction

The following gym clothing is recommended:

  • Gym shorts and T-shirts. Cut-offs are NOT allowed.
  • Sweat suits are acceptable for cool weather activities.
  • APPROPRIATE running shoes with velcro or laces. Open back shoes and high heels are not allowed.
  • Extra socks, a towel, deodorant, and tote bag, for carrying clothing.