TCS Annual Magazine Fundraiser is Back!

TCS Annual Magazine Fundraiser is Back!
Posted on 03/20/2018

All parents and friends of Tanner's Crossing School,

Each year your support of our annual magazine program has earned money needed by our school to finance many of our student activities, which otherwise we would not have been able to afford. The revenue from magazine sales go toward activities such as field trips, guest speakers or performances, or other activities not covered by categorical school budgets.

We want to thank you for assisting us in earning our money in a way we consider much better than asking for donations. In your support of our campaign, you get full value for your money (all your favorite magazines at the lowest price available) and we earn the money we need, an arrangement that helps our students in matters of business and in teaching the value of money.

The Magazine Campaign

  1. Of your subscription money, a liberal percentage stays with our school. You get full value and our school gets a big boost.
  2. Since most people mail their subscriptions directly to the publisher, no local person benefits. Buy from our students now and keep your money working at home. If you occasionally buy a magazine from a local store, please continue to do so. However, if you would like to subscribe to a magazine either new or renewal, or give a subscription as a gift, please order it through our school program.
  3. If you have special offers on any of the listed magazines, we can take your subscription or renewal at the price offered and still keep the profits if you attach the printed offer to the school order form. (Premium items not given, e.g. globes, calculators, etc., and offer must be of the same time frame as booklet offer— 1 yr, 2 yr.)
  4. Both new subscriptions and renewals are acceptable. A renewal simply extends your present subscription.
  5. Please print your name and address clearly on the order form. Be sure to check carefully. If you are sending a renewal order, you should copy your name and address exactly as it appears on the mailing label from an old magazine, if one is available.
  6. Please make all cheques payable to Tanner's Crossing School

Our campaign will be held from March 21 to April 4, 2018.

This is not an effort to pressure anyone into taking magazines they will not use and enjoy. Our only desire is to channel some of your reading through our school. We thank you for your support of this worthwhile project and for your continued interest in Tanner's Crossing School.

Note that all subscriptions are fully guaranteed!